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Advent Day 4

Dec 6, 2023

Advent December 6

Being Carried Away
Isaiah 64:1-9
We all do fade as a leaf;and our iniquities,like the wind,have taken us away

—Isaiah 64:6b

I remember several years ago, being in Dallas, Texas during Thanksgiving. It even snowed while we were there.

And there was one point where our Sheltie, named Skeeter, and I were looking out a big, glass plate window that faced to the east. The sun was out, the sky was blue, and a leaf shook down from off the hickory tree, and began to float to the ground.

For some reason or another, it caught Skeeter’s eye, and he started barking at it. And I thought, “How stupid is that!” It was only a leaf. Something that in and of itself was harmless enough.

But the more that I thought about it, I realized that leaf had been alive at one time. It had had an existence, however fragile. And some of what Isaiah was alluding to in this passage is that our lives are like that leaf—fragile. Here today, gone tomorrow.

But even more than that, Isaiah says that the wind that shook that leaf off the tree, and carried it down to molder on the earth, that wind is like our iniquities. And we can get so carried away by our transgressions that we become disconnected from the tree of life. Our iniquity, when willingly engaged in, can be the death of us.

Perhaps Skeeter’s barking, like the insistence of our consciences, can help us to wake up and see how damaging not only the sin we engage in can be to our soul, but can actually cut us off from the very Source of our existence—namely God.

Let us resolve to go, and sin no more as Jesus suggested.

Thought for the Day
I will not be in denial, but open my eyes to effects of my sins.

Reverend Allison Cambre

Retired Pastor UMC

O holy and eternal God, in the season of Advent, help us to better grasp that you come both as a Savior and a Judge. May we for this day work hard to sin no more. Amen.


Dec 6, 2023


Northwest District of The United Methodist Church

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